We are not a budget transport option...

Hold onto your hats – it’s the autumn sales..

Want fresh British fashion, the latest technology, designer shoes or UK furniture at autumn sale prices? Forward2me would love to help you. Or how about the sleek new iPhone5, currently only available for order in the UK or US? Order online direct from UK retailers, using forward2me’s UK postal address and parcel forwarding service, to stay current and stylish wherever you are in the world.

Despite sales fever, Amazon UK is still your favourite online retailer, with Marks and Spencer, H&M, asos.com, John Lewis and Mothercare close seconds for clothing and Laura Ashley popular for furniture.

Designer shoes are ordered online from a variety of retailers, including Dune, Kurt Geiger, Fly London and Red or Dead, by smart overseas shoppers profiting from knock-down UK prices. Figure-conscious customers in sunny climes take advantage of our global shipping to order Fitflops, and Clarke’s shoes are popular deliveries to British ex-pats worldwide.

At forward2me we hate saying no...

...And luckily we very rarely have to. The dos and don’ts of our UK parcel forwarding service and international shipping agreements are pretty much what you’d expect, roughly the same stuff you can’t put in your suitcase or hand luggage when you’re travelling by plane.

...But no, no, no!

Mr Seng, a young Chinese man, nearly suffocated recently after mailing himself to his girlfriend, Li Wang. Once taped inside the box, however, he discovered the cardboard was too thick to bore air holes in, and a delay in the delivery meant he passed out through lack of oxygen and had to be revived at his final destination by paramedics. Luckily, the story ended well for Mr. Seng and Ms Wang, but left the courier firm trying to extricate themselves from a public relations disaster, mainly focused on security. ‘Even when we accept animals they go in special containers so they can breathe’, said a flustered spokesman.

Incredibly, Mr Seng is not the only person to have tried this trick. Soon after Parcel Post launched in the US in 1913, the US Postmaster General was forced to issue a ban on children being sent by post, even though they came within the weight restrictions. The case of four year-old May Pierstoff, mailed by her parents in Idaho to her grandparents across the State, complete with 53 cents worth of postal stamps on her jacket, made the  issue famous.

We are not a budget transport option...

Forward2me’s prohibited items list is one aspect of our sharp security protocol. Xray scanners and checking for airholes are two others! We’ll ship you anything legal to almost anywhere in the world, within our weight parameters, and we’ll happily discuss any questions about global deliveries, sensitive or otherwise.

But if you’re considering undercutting even budget flight operators by forwarding yourselves, We’d urge you to remember little May Pierstoff and Mr. Seng, and think again!