Valentines day with forward2me


Another year, another Valentine's Day...Do you find it easy to keep the romance alive or is it tricky trying to find something new? Valentine's Day can be a bit of a minefield (as my husband well knows). Just the thought of it can be enough to induce panic in some people.

The sense of panic and/or monotony is not surprising. If you've been married for a few years, you come to a point where you have given and received most gifts. If you count Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother/Father's Day, birthdays and anniversaries - that's five gifts per annum, more if you include the little extras when you've accidentally crashed the car or just wanted to be spontaneous. Multiply that by the number of years you've been together and it quickly becomes obvious why finding something new, exciting and appropriate (now there's a word, Mr H, are you reading?) is such a challenge.

I wish I had the answer, fellow romantics. I love to be spontaneous and to surprise my partner but with kids and a budget, it's sometimes difficult. There are also several myths about what people want spewed out by the sales departments and marketing gurus.  Every woman loves chocolate, cuddly toys, shoes etc...nope, sorry. Every man  loves sport, cars and Swiss army knives...probably not. Everyone is different and that seems to be the key to choosing the right present for Valentine's Day. A little bit of thought goes a long way.

At forward2me, we get to see many of our customer's gifts passing through and it's given us some interesting ideas that might help you if you are struggling with the romantic challenge of the year. Valentine's Day is on the 14th of February and there's plenty of time for you to use our door-to-door love train tracked delivery service to bring your loved one a treat.

Personalised gifts are lovely. Some of the ideas are really clever. I particularly like the personalised vanity mirror and the engraved candlesticks at Chocolate lollipops that say 'I tolerate you' for the cynic in your life? Or a bro-quet of beer in a bucket? That's a great idea I might go for  - both on They also have some unusual cards if you are looking for something unique.

How about a canvas print of your favourite places or romantic snaps from your honeymoon/first meeting? Photobox has an easy-to-use website and prints in different styles at reasonable prices. On the subject if printing, how about a personalised book? I like the look of thebookofeveryone - it looks intriguing and a bit different. Don't tell Mr H, will you? I might just do this...

Anyway, I hope you are successful in your romantic endeavours. Just use our fast international delivery for your Valentine's cards and gifts and hopefully Cupid will do the rest.