Watch BBC, ITV online and much more!


Here at forward2me we have come across Unlocator, a cool service which can help you access websites and TV streaming which you would usually be blocked from!

Unlocator allows you to change region for selected services, is completely transparent, and all other services such as your online banking, Facebook etc. will function as normal.

Unlocator supports 106 services and the list is always growing. Current services include: Amazon Prime, Sky Go, BBC Sport, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Now TV, Disney and Spotify!

The service is also readily available on numerous devices from web browsers to iPhone to Kindles – check the full range of devices here!

How does it Work?

Unlocator is a DNS service, which allows you to protect your privacy by hiding your location from some of the most prominent geolocation services around the Internet.

There is no speed loss and once you are setup then proceed to use the web, service or apps as you normally would.

The best part of the service is that you can try it for free on a 7 day trial - If you like it and sign up you can save up to 16% off the monthly fee!

Written by forward2me