UK retailers are ‘ignoring tablet market’ says survey

©Yutaka Tsutano

UK retailers are failing to support tablet devices, according to mobile market research.

Forward2me has learned of new mobile market research that shows UK retailers are falling behind in the race to adapt to new technologies.

According to a survey by Soma the mobile marketing agency, 75% of the top 100 UK retailers don’t support a tablet device.

Overseas shoppers looking to buy British using their iPad are among those consumers who could feel left out by retailers that don’t support the new gadgets.

Smartphone capability may also provide concern for savvy consumers as 20% of the country’s top brands don’t have an m-commerce platform.

PC World, Thomson and BHS were included in the findings as some of the 20 top retailers with no tablet and smartphone apps nor mobile site.

For the same reasons, Forward2me is constantly striving to improve its compatibility with mobile devices.