Trendy Tweed?

Oh yes indeed. Bizarre though it may seem, that woolly, indestructible stuff called tweed is no longer reserved for indomitable old ladies, ‘hunting, shooting, fishing’ folks, or dusty geography teachers. Far from it. These days you are much more likely to see it sported by A-list celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch or even rappers such as Tinie Tempah.

Like Sherlock Holmes, we were intrigued to know why this is. We decided to investigate with the same level of efficiency as the forward2me door to door tracked service. Did you know that Harris tweed is all hand-woven using treadle looms by crofters in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland?

It’s one of the last remaining cottage industries and up until recently was in serious decline with fewer than 100 weavers left. Worried that this ancient craft and valuable industry could be lost forever, moves were made to promote the beauty, durability and versatility of the tweed fabric.

Our research also led us to some very happy retail discoveries. There are some beautiful clothes and accessories out there and the sales are still on! With our secure international shipping, you can purchase tweed from top-end designers and retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Mulberry and Hugo Boss. We particularly liked the designs at LibertyFreedom - beautiful jackets and skirts. John Lewis and Topman are also stocking tweed at the affordable end of the market. Wallets, bags, boots and shoes are all getting the tweed treatment – even trainers. If you fancy adding a touch of class to your interior, tweed cushion covers are ‘in’ too, available from folksy or the Hebridean Store. Use our UK parcel forwarding service to get the latest look for your home.

If you’re worried that tweed is just a fad and that if you buy now it’ll be out of fashion next season, think again. The use of tweed marks a change in the fashion industry towards fabrics that are historic, durable and much more sustainable. You can buy tweed with a clear conscience – it’s a natural fibre, dyed and woven using traditional techniques and is keeping a small, remote community alive.

The Harris Tweed Authority has a directory that lists many retailers, designers and craftspeople who use tweed including Marks and Spencers and of course, Harrods. Tweed will be around for many years to come. Remember to use forward2me if you need a UK parcel forwarding address when you invest in some modern classics made of tweed.