Toys, Toys and More Toys


Toys are an essential part of Christmas, no matter what age you are. Here at forward2me, we thought we'd take a look at toys for all ages and give you the edited highlights, so to speak, of the 'must-have' toys this Christmas.

Toys for tots

Babies are fairly easy to please. There are some lovely things out there for the tiny tots. Take a look at Mothercare, BabiesRUs and Disney for ideas. The 'Those are not my...' books are a great investment. The dinosaur one is my personal favourite...The Mothercare First Activity Set is very good value. Another top choice is a set of car keys and remote controls or a laptop to keep them away from the real things. My little girl had her 'laptop' from an early age and it bought me some freedom! Smyths has a Peppa Pig model that will keep them entertained. Now she has a tablet (Tesco Hudl - great value), perfect for long car journeys or flights. Happyland is also one of the best ranges for tots.

Toys for little kids

Paw Patrol is always on our TV at the moment and the spin-off merchandise is predicted to be one of the year's best-selling toy lines. The truck for the series is probably my 4 year-old's 'dream toy' at the moment. Frozen is still up there as a popular range and Minions are also big in the small world.

If you want to avoid the larger franchises, more traditional toys such as Duplo are the way to go. Wow toys are a personal, family favourite - they are robust, require no batteries and have something for everyone in the details. Argos stock them, all you have to do is go online and use our door-to-door tracked service to deliver the goodies to your home. If you are feeling brave, take a look at Pie-Face - a game of nerves that involves getting a pie (or a sponge, or whipping cream) in the face. The Entertainer has a lot to choose from if you're looking for something special.

Toys for big kids

Star Wars.  That's what I want for Christmas, let alone the kids. There are lightsabers, a Millennium Falcon, Christmas decorations...just choose and use our international shipping to bring the force to you if it's not with you already.

Scooters are still immensely popular with kids of all ages. My son was also prodding me for a motorised skateboard (very Back to the Future). They range in price from thousands down to hundreds and are 'the latest thing' and are ever so, ever so cool. Honest. He really, really wants one. Just like he wants a drone, a go-pro camera and an iPhone 6s. Hmmm.

Toys for grown-ups

Christmas is the time for games. Board games are popular - how about dog bingo or its friend, bird bingo as an unusual gift? Go retro with Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. You can play Monopoly on the Wii or PS3 as a twist. Lego has also gone grown-up with models of famous architecture for the biggest kids in your life. Tech is always good too (In our house, at any rate. Is it that wrong to want a tablet just for upstairs?). Sonos is a favourite and Apple products always please. Go on, Santa, you know you want to!