3 ways businesses benefit from forward2me


As well as servicing individual shoppers around the world, forward2me also offer a valuable service to businesses.

Here are 3 ways in which businesses use our services.

Buying products for their office.

Running a business often means getting through a large amount of office supplies on a monthly or weekly basis. From desktop essentials to copying paper, inks and toners for printers to mailing supplies, there is always something on the shopping list! As well as small everyday items, there’s also office furniture and office equipment to consider. From desks and office chairs right through to laptops, televisions and printers, businesses around the world can access the choice and great deals from UK retailers via forward2me’s parcel forwarding service. Some of the most popular retailers for office supplies in the UK are: Staples, Ryman and Viking.

Operating a returns service.

forward2me provides a Returns Management service tailored to people and businesses selling on sites like amazon.co.uk and ebay.co.uk from abroad. Our service provides a simple returns management solution for selling in the UK by providing a British address. Once received at our warehouse, our dedicated team manages the reverse logistics for returned goods and gives complete control over how they are dealt with at the warehouse. For more information and prices for our Returns Management service, please click here.

Buying in bulk to resell.

forward2me act as a shipping partner for many business operators throughout the world. Using our shipping service, businesses operating either websites or shops in their own countries are able to take advantage of bulk discounts they might otherwise not be able to access. Once the items have been purchased, they are delivered to a UK address (provided by forward2me) before then being sent on to the company’s international location for resale. Because forward2me are able to offer competitive shipping rates and offer a repacking service where applicable, this can work out to be a favourable option.

Some of the products businesses buy and have shipped out to them for resale include: catering equipment, small & large and disposable paper products, office furniture, glasses, toys, books and clothing.

For more information or to enquire about how forward2me can help you with your business’ requirements, please contact us.