Squeamish readers, look away now. Here’s just one good reason why we don’t ship perishable products to our customers…

We saw this story from Joe Fay over at The Register: a freight forwarding company in America sent part of a human corpse to a shopping club by mistake.

Put it this way, if you were a customer expecting a shipment of luxury steaks and lobsters, you’d raise an eyebrow if you opened the package to find part of a dead woman’s torso instead. Thankfully in this case the customer saw the packaging list as they were unpacking it and realised it wasn’t what they’d ordered – before it was too late.

How the package turned up in Massachusetts 1,500 miles away from the research facility in Florida where it was destined, we have no idea.

As we’re in the business ourselves we feel sorry for the courier who was embarrassed by the mistake, but Forward2me’s customers can be assured that no such thing would ever happen to them.

Overseas shipping rules mean we can’t ship perishables, and we have a policy of double-checking every package personally before it leaves our depot.