Wow! The Queen is 90!

Queen Elizabeth II will be 90 on the 21st of April, 2016. She's the longest serving British monarch and has become a global icon in her monochromatic outfits and hats. How will the Queen celebrate her 90th birthday? Is she going on a cruise for a few months? I don't think so. Having a quiet family celebration? Probably not. Relaxing, sipping cocktails in a luxury hotel? No. It certainly doesn't look as if she's getting any respite at all. If anything, the fact that she's 90 means that she has a plethora of engagements and events in her already busy schedule.

The Queen's first birthday engagement is on the 20th of April. Breakfast in bed? Unlikely. A trip to a post office. To collect all her cards and pressies? No. To commemorate 500 years of post. Then she's opening a new bandstand in Windsor. Picnic? Unlikely. On her actual birthday itself, the real one, not the 'official' one, she's unveiling a plaque on a new Queen's Walkway in Windsor then having a walkabout. No rest, even for the nonagenarians! Is there a day off after that? No. It's lunch with some American bloke. Ah yes, the President, Barack Obama, is dropping by for lunch. That'll be relaxed and informal, then? Nope. Poor Queen.

In May there's an extravaganza with horses - that's more her 'thing', I think. It's going to be televised and will be similar to the horse pageant that they did for the Jubilee. Plenty of pomp and clopping about... She might even smile.

In June, around her 'official' birthday, there is a full week of celebration including a memorial service, Trooping the Colour (more pomp and clopping) and the bit we've all been waiting for - the party! A Patron's Lunch in honour of all the charities will be the beginning of a street party frenzy across the country and hopefully the world.

Are you going to celebrate her birthday? If you are looking to commemorate the event, there are plenty of ways. Traditional fine china and other goodies are available from the royal collection shop. The Royal Mint has produced some coins to collect. These make good gifts for children. Harrods has a bag and a tea towel. It's worth taking a look at Etsy and eBay for other royal memorabilia. There are also books about the Queen if you would like to know more about this extraordinary woman. Just use forward2me and we'll use our door-to-door tracked delivery service to bring your royal goodies home.