The Elf on the Shelf - have you got yours?


Is there an elf on a shelf watching you? Up at the North Pole, Santa is very, very busy. He's reading all the Christmas letters that you've all sent and preparing all the presents. He's got the reindeer to feed and all those naughty elves to keep in check. Not to mention keeping an eye on whether everybody is being good enough this year. Hmmm. Actually, he can't quite manage that anymore. He's realised that there are just too many children and that he only has one pair of eyes and one magic telescope. Nope - that doesn't mean you can be as naughty as you like; what that means is he's enlisted the help of some of the elves to watch over you.

He's sending them out from the North Pole, just click on this link to get yours. The elves will sit on the shelf by day but at night, apparently, they can get up to mischief. Kids, you're not allowed to touch them at all, but magically they will move and watch what you are up to - Santa's little spies! I have seen elves climbing Christmas trees, riding on reindeer, stealing biscuits from cupboards...naughty elves! Check out their Facebook page - there are some amusing elf capers on there.

There are costumes and accessories for the elves - a snowy skirt, an anorak (if you don't put your heating on much) and even a reindeer pet to keep your elves company. The elves come with a storybook too to help create the magic.

Now, for the grown-ups - if you do choose to adopt an elf over the Christmas period, remember that the elf will need your magic help to move at night...Some of the messages from kids on Facebook are heart-breaking, 'If I put cinnamon on it, will it move?' and, 'I think my elf is dead, it hasn't moved for ages'. Some kids have also been upset when the elves move back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, according to Matt Pelc in the Huffington Post. Make sure that your kids are happy to say goodbye to their elf and enjoy Christmas...

Sometimes even elves need a little help with transportation. Somehow, they manage to make it to the UK but then the last leg of the journey is too difficult for them to manage on their own. We have found a way to help them by using our secure international delivery. Just adopt your elf through the Elf on a Shelf website and we'll help him or her with their journey. Sometimes even Santa needs our help here at forward2me!

Merry Christmas!