Hop into Easter..

Frolicking lambs in the fields, daffodils in bloom and shops full of eggs. It must be nearly the national chocolate festival Easter! Here at forward2me, we love Easter. Not just because of the chocolate, but because of some of the other traditions that go with it.

Around the world, there are many different ways to celebrate Easter. In Germany, the Osterhase brings presents and delicious eggs, hidden in the garden. Eggs are decorated, stained with different colours then eaten with vinegar and mustard (a lot nicer than it sounds). In the Netherlands, great fires are lit and in sunny Bermuda, people fly kites.

According to Wikipedia (I know...) a modern Norwegian tradition is to read mystery novels because there’s a five-day Easter holiday. In other parts of Scandinavia, twigs are placed in a vase and decorated with ornaments and feathers. Egg rolling is a northern tradition too. I remember decorating hard-boiled eggs to roll down a hill until they smashed and lay forgotten in the car until they stank. Who thought of that in the first place? It’s a very strange thing to do with an egg...

Usually, the Easter Bunny visits our house and decorates the table. I think he’s a bit Scandinavian because he always fills a vase with spring twigs hung with tiny painted eggs. He leaves presents; sometimes he hides them in the garden (but it’s usually raining). Then we’ll eat hot-cross buns and go out for a walk. What will you do this year?

At forward2me, we’ve thought of some ideas to make your Easter special. Remember that you can use our secure parcel forwarding service (like the Easter bunny) to deliver your Easter gifts ready to be hidden.

Why not decorate an Easter table? Take a look at some of these ideas from Lakeland for baking Easter cakes. Get some pretty hand-painted eggs to scatter or hang from twigs. Use yellow napkins or Easter-themed tableware for the complete Easter look.

Easter gifts can be little luxurious bits and pieces instead of chocolate. On an Easter theme, these cuddly rabbits are beautiful. How about doing some Easter crafts with the kids? John Lewis has Easter Puppet kits as well as many other Easter/spring themed decorations. Kids also love Peter Rabbit and there are some lovely things with Beatrix Potter’s familiar characters available. Remember, if your international credit card is not accepted, you can talk to our customer services department about our secure shopper service.

Spring into action and make Easter special by shipping with forward2me. Hop to it!