The Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014


It's Commonwealth Games time again! Do you live in a commonwealth country? Whether you are rooting for where you live, your ancestral home or the underdogs, forward2me can help. Usually Australia do well, Canada too. Good luck if you live in one of the smaller countries like Malta, Cyprus or St Lucia. I'm a bit Scottish so you'll probably beat us...

And this year, Glasgow, the home of unsurpassed athletic prowess in the fields of eating and drinking, is hosting this years' Commonwealth Games. Maybe some of the sportiness will eventually rub off?

Here at forward2me, we deliver to almost all the Commonwealth countries using our door to door tracked service. If you want to get into the spirit of the games, here are a few factoids for you:

There are 53 commonwealth countries. 71 countries are competing. This puzzled me for a while but it's because countries can compete in their component parts. Wales is sending a team, for example.

The games were first held in 1930, although the idea began as an international fishing competition to foster good relations between the Commonwealth countries. Fishing might not have caught on as a spectator sport, methinks. Billiards, golf and canoeing are on the Commonwealth Games Federation's list of recognised sports. I'm surprised Scotland didn't choose them...

There are 17 sports. 22 are shown on the website. There's a pattern developing here... Actually there are 261 events. 3 movie premieres, a cocktail party, a wedding and the Opening Ceremony. Everyone loves a party in Scotland. No, I know... sporting events. Gymnastics, swimming, badminton, cycling - all good stuff and very energetic compared to billiards...

Are you thinking of having a party too? You can get lovely Commonwealth Games bunting and party packs to bring the theme together. There are also Commonwealth medals so you can cheer yourself up if you don't win any real ones (They're on e-Bay - I won't tell anyone, honest) or have kids holding mini Commonwealth Games events.

Australia and Scotland are vying for the most eye-catching team uniforms this time round. Scotland might win... If you want to wear Commonwealth clothing, there's some really good Commonwealth Games memorabilia available too. Hoodies, sports gear and team related goods, as well as sportswear are all available from the official Commonwealth Games shop. JJB Sports has some reasonably priced t-shirts and other stuff too.

Don't forget to use forward2me to get you in the competitive spirit with our secure international shipping. Let the Commonwealth Games commence!

Written by forward2me