The Case of Christopher Tappin

Pressure is mounting on the Government to review its extradition treaty with the United States after a retiree was surrendered to US Marshals last week.

A retired British businessman has been extradited by American authorities after he was accused of conspiring to sell missile components to Iran.

Christopher Tappin, 65, who retired from his import and export company in 2008, could now face 35 years in an American prison after he was alleged to have bought five batteries, between 2005-2007, he wrongly presumed were for the car industry.

The European Court of Human Rights refused to hear Mr Tappin’s case and he has now been turned over to US Marshals, making him another in a long line of Britons to lose an extradition battle with the US.

Last Wednesday David Cameron said the Government would carry out a ''proper, sober and thoughtful'' review through the Home Office.

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This latest case has fuelled concern over the extradition agreement between the UK and the US. If you would like to sign a petition to end the government’s extradition treaty with the US, click here.

If you would also like to see an amendment of the extradition arrangements as per the Joint Committee on Human Rights recommendations, click herea