The big European health kick


© D Sharon Pruitt

The first month of the New Year is traditionally the time of healthy resolutions and detox programmes. Judging by the sheer volume of diet and well-being-related products we’ve been shipping to our customers all over the world, this year’s has been no exception.


Here are some examples of healthy products we’ve been sending to our customers over the past week:


•             Diet shake sachets from to Norway

•             Low Carb bars to Cyprus

•             Mineral Water from Solan de Cabras - the official mineral water of Real Madrid Football Club - to Italy

•             Holland and Barrett products to Australia

•             Yogurt Makers (Easi Yo) to Spain

•             Floral remedies to Greece

•             Seca Scales (as used by doctors) to Greece

•             ‘UP’ kits (a smartphone app powered wrist band) to the Czech Republic