Buy your Apple, Lenovo and Google products with forward2me


With Christmas coming, it's that time of year when companies focus their energy on new tech releases - new phones, games, tablets and of course, phablets!

New Crop of Apples

Apple have released a bumper crop of products this season. As always, shoppers have flocked to the shops to buy the latest must-have iPhone6 and 6plus. Use our door-to-door tracked delivery service if you pick an Apple - we promise not to bruise it in transit! Take a look at the latest Apple products on their website...the iPhone6Plus is impressive. A 5.5 inch screen, a long battery life and as many features as you can pack in to something just over 6 inches long (steady). Is it a phone or a phablet? Or a phabphone? Who knows...

On the subject of tablets, Apple are also promoting their latest addition to the iPad family - the iPadAir2. Even thinner, better battery, better connectivity - sleek and powerful. Santa, pleeeeaaaase. I'll be really really good.


Other new tech releases out there include more phones. There's a Halloween release in the UK for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, available to pre-order now. This phablet is tipped to give the iPhone6 a run for its money and is in the same luxury price bracket. Too many features to mention here, just check out the specs on the Samsung website for more details.

Laptops and Tablets

For more fun, fun, fun, you need a decent tablet, but to work you need a sensible laptop... The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tablet is as flexible as the name suggests and combines a touchscreen tablet with a 'proper' keyboard so you can have the best of both worlds. It's pricey at the moment but there are deals to be had on the previous model - the Yoga 2 which might be a good option for a kid's Christmas present. The season's new tech releases mean that there are bargains to be had so shop around.

Google is also releasing a new Nexus 9, which is a very affordable alternative to the Lenova Yoga 3 Pro - it's available to pre-order now, will be delivered to forward2me next week when we will ship it to you using our secure international delivery service. It's still primarily a tablet, but you can attach a very nifty looking keyboard/case/stand to make it very practical for work and viewing. The keyboard is pricey, but still makes the whole bundle cheaper than many laptop/tablet combos (tabtops/lablets?).


Still popular and a great idea for Christmas, the Amazon Kindle has a new model. Very affordable, and it sounds much improved. It now has a touch screen and double the memory. There's a new Kindle Fire too, one of the new tech releases bound to cause a stir.


Calling all gamers! This season's new games releases include some blockbusters, most out in the next 3 weeks. Minecraft is already out there, there's a new Lego Batman 3 game, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor is out for all you fantasy lovers, as well as World of Warcraft and Lords of the Fallen. For something a little more adult, the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V is out soon, along with Assassin's Creed Unity and Rogue, and the ever-popular Call of Duty - the new release is called Advanced Warfare. I'm guessing that it's a lovely game about making new friends through peaceful discourse. Not.

Contact our customer services department if you have any questions or problems using your international credit card in the UK. That's all from the forward2me tech spectacular...Get clicking on those pre-orders in time for Christmas or tell Santa what you would like...