Tech for outdoors


When it comes to tech, we generally think about smartphones or gadgets for enjoying in the home. But what about tech for outside the house? With the summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take tech out into the big wide world!

Here is a round of the top tech buys for enjoying in the great outdoors.


There’s nothing more annoying than coming across the perfect photo opportunity when you’re out and about, only to find that your phone battery has died and you therefore can’t capture it! If you’re taking a trip out for the day, attending a special event or going on holiday, photos taken on cameras are usually far superior to those taken on smartphones anyway.

From amateur photographers right through to the professionals, Jessops are a well-known camera retailer in the UK, selling everything you need for taking the perfect shots. From compact digital cameras right through to DSLR’s, photography is easy to access and enjoy for everyone. You can even get the kids hooked at an early age with fun character cameras and Instax instant print cameras.

Sports related tech

If action sports are your thing, action cameras are one of the number one must haves. There’s nothing like the thrill of re-living those white knuckle moments over and over again with footage taken on a GoPro. Not to mention being able to share it with all your mates on social media! Amazon sell the full range of GoPro cameras and add-on accessories.

If you’re slightly less of a thrill-seeker but still enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, you might want to invest in a GPS system. Go Outdoors have a selection of handheld GPS devices and GPS watches.

Taking a closer look…

Also on the theme of hiking and trekking is binoculars. Getting up close and personal with birds and other wildlife adds and extra level of enjoyment to the great outdoors. Technology in binoculars has come a long way in recent years and you can now get excellent magnification in lightweight, easily portable and compact designs. Jessops have a brilliant range, including some of their own brand binoculars, which come in at the lower end of the price range, sold alongside top of the range models from Bushnell and Celestron.

Garden tech

If you like your tech to add to the enjoyment of your home, you might want to think about outdoor speaker systems. As well as portable Bluetooth sound docks, such as the Bose Soundlink, there are also some excellent waterproof speakers that can be fitted outdoors permanently. Market leaders Sonos and Bose both have excellent systems that also have the advantage of being able to connect with the corresponding indoor systems. For alternatives, including speakers designed to look like rocks and stones, check out Cybermarket’s range.

These days, you can also integrate all of your home tech into a smart system that can be controlled remotely or via a device such as the Amazon Echo Dot. All clever stuff!