Take Note of the New Samsung Galaxy Note7

Ah yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Not to be confused *coughs and blushes, ahem, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge... which I love so much, I wrote about them twice by mistake. Oops. Just take a look at last week's blog...and one from February. I was equally enthusiastic about them, they are incredibly cool looking phones. So is there much difference between them and a Samsung Galaxy Note7? Why would you choose a Note rather than an S7?

They are both beautiful to look at. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is like the S7's bigger sister; elegant, sophisticated and good at communication - probably just started something arty at uni and hangs out with the glitterati at weekends. It looks almost identical to the S7 (hence the confusion) and does share many of the same practical features. You can drop a Note7 into the pool or spill your decaf skinny chai tea all over it without crying over the spilt milk...

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is a phablet. That's the main difference. It's larger, more tablet-like and comes with a stylus. If you are looking for something that will double up as a notepad, let you be creative, doodle, and be generally better for gaming and watching media, this is for you. It has the same 'edge' as the Galaxy S7 Edge, 4MG of ram and a micro-SD slot for external storage.

It also has a really good camera with extra large 'dual' pixels which are, apparently, good for creating shots with 'lovely bokeh'. I had to look up what that meant after I'd read it on the Trustedreview website. Alas, it has nothing to do with flowers or the smell of wine. Bokeh is the way that the camera captures the blurry bits of a picture. So now you know. The graphics are in extra spangly new mobile HDR format so you can watch extra spangly new super HDR video content once the people who make such things make more available for mobile devices.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note7, according to both reviews I read, is a more business-like experience because of changes to the interface. The colours are more muted and there are features such as the 'secure folder' that are very useful for professionals. You can also write on the phone using the stylus when it isn't switched on. Very handy.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is a thing of beauty. It has a smart stylus, it's waterproof, and is aimed at business people although it will be good for gaming, drawing, and you can even use it as a phone. Its downsides, according to Techradar and Trustedreviews are that it is expensive and that the glass casing gathers fingerprints. The iris scanner is not easy to use (although the fingerprint scanner is fine). These seem to be minor niggles in what appears to be the flagship phablet of the year.

All you need to do is order yours and use forward2me's extra spangly secure international delivery service to deliver it straight to your door.