Supermarket Shop for Family Favourites with forward2me


It's funny what you miss...even the weekly supermarket shop can conjure up some happy memories if it's been a while. Happily, we can now ship non-perishable items to anywhere in the world* from several of the large British supermarkets including Waitrose and Asda. Here at forward2me, we've been doing some research into the things that you miss the most.

Supermarket Shop for Groceries

So pour a nice cup of tea and open a packet of your favourite biscuits. What's that? You can't find decent tea and nowhere stocks those crunchy, buttery biscuits you used to buy...I know the feeling - tea, just good old plain British tea, brown in colour, and very refreshing, is very difficult to come by abroad.

Your kids love the pasta and sauce that Grandma makes when they visit the UK? (She cheats, it's just a jar of sauce). You can cheat now too. Sign up to do an online shop and let us do the rest. Order your favourite pasta and some tasty jars of sauce...sorry, Grandma!

I really used to miss curries when I lived abroad. Something with a bit of kick or a tasty korma. It's tricky getting hold of all the ingredients but here at forward2me, we have the answer. Thai, tikka massala, rogan josh, methi - pick your sauces in your supermarket shop and we'll do the rest using our door to door tracked delivery service.

Home Baking

Maybe you're not getting your oats? Porage, I mean...Or golden syrup, icing sugar, cake decorations - baking supplies can be hard to come by sometimes. Let us deliver the goods for your family celebrations using our fast international shipping service.

WAITROSE 'CARROT' from steve annis on Vimeo.

Special Diet?

If you have any special dietary requirements, UK supermarkets are often better than their global equivalents. They stock more for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans - not just marmite! Asda's 'free-from' range is pretty comprehensive.

Healthy Snacks?

Here in the UK, we excel in the world of snacks, especially ones that are meant to be better for you. We've noticed many of you miss them once you've moved abroad. Waitrose have a really great selection. We've shipped many Alpen bars, cereal bars and low-GI snacks overseas using our special wholegrain parcel shipping service (brown paper too)!


What about those toiletries you miss? That particular shower gel or deodorant; even your kid's toothpaste with their favourite cartoon characters - Peppa Pig toothbrushes are a must in our house at the moment.

We've worked out that if you use our shipping service and the major UK supermarkets, it works out a lot cheaper than the equivalent from a specialist ex-pat supermarket. At the moment, we're also offering an extra 10% discount so get your finger 'adding to basket' and we'll carry your supermarket shop home, wherever you live*. Use our handy price comparison to see the savings for yourself. Just check your countries' restrictions before you order.

*See our extensive list of countries here