Summer with forward2me...

Ah, summer. Season of floaty clothes, sandy picnics and glamorous gardens. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, of course, then I apologise as you wrap up warm, eat in and look out onto bleak, frosty gardens...

Summer Fashion

What are the trends? I don't do a lot of celeb spotting around Garstang, but if you look in the fashion magazines and online in stores, a few things crop up.

According to Glamour, we should all be carrying rucksacks and be dressing in a 'prairie' style. So grasses, cattle and little houses, then? Probably not. I think they mean cheesecloth dresses, straw hats and a hint of native American style. 'Cold shoulders' are still really in and by that I don't mean being rude and ignoring everyone, I mean those tops with slits down the arms. I have also noticed a lot of shirt dresses (Even I have one). Try The Outnet and Asos for some gorgeous summer fashions.

As for men's fashion, it seems that as long as you have a beard, you can wear almost anything. Formal shirts in dark colours, particularly with a fifties style, white trousers, overalls (?) and even bomber jackets are apparently the things to be seen in, according to Trendspotter. Shorts too. In summer? Who would have guessed? I mean really, what will they think of next? Take a look at House of Fraser for everything from shades to shorts.

Gardens are also influenced by fashion. This year's key elements include very lovely outdoor furniture that's nice enough to have indoors. Although we can't ship plants, we can ship pots, barbeques and even fire pits - still very on-trend. Pods are popular, especially in rattan. I love this apple-shaped one from The Garden Furniture Centre.

If you're heading to the beach, it's no longer acceptable just to turn up, stick a knotted hanky on your head and read the paper whilst munching pickled cockles. You've got to have the right gear. Sun hats, beach tents, deck chairs, beach games, even a beach blanket from the Seaside Company.

Sunglasses are essential. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and you can pretend to be cool. Once you're wearing them, you're ready for summer. We've also checked out the latest in Summer tech for you too. How about a kindle for reading outdoors or a set of portable speakers so you can take the party with you? On a more practical note, I saw my first electric cool box today too. Go Outdoors has all the camping equipment you might need. Just remember to use Forward2me's fast international delivery service for all your summer stuff. All except the weather, that is.