Summer Sports Shopping


Summer sports time is here! Are you ready for the action? Whether you are a player or a spectator, at forward2me, we like to bring you the best of British sports equipment and accessories. Everything from lycra shorts to sports bands, tennis rackets to frisbees - you name it, we can ship it using our fast international shipping service.

Sports clothes

...are just clothes nowadays. Sports styles have become more attractive and wearable recently. It's now acceptable to wear lycra, tennis whites and trainers everywhere, because they're comfortable and cool. We like the look of tennis dresses by Stella McCartney and men's tennis wear from John Lewis for a stylish way to play.

If you are more specialised or niche in your sports, take a look at probikekit for cycling gear or watersportswarehouse for scuba and diving equipment.  Particularly trendy at the moment is the parkour or free-running kit from 3-run. I'm particularly intrigued by boxer shorts with the #vegan. Is that in case you take Bart Simpson too literally?

Sports accessories

Does everyone track everything at the moment? How many steps have you walked today? Have you done enough breathing yet? No seriously, there are trackers for everything. Useful ones include the Nike Fuel Sports band and of course, the Apple Watch. Other accessories include sports bags and sunglasses. Decathlon has a great range of bags for all different sports, useful and not too expensive. For shades, take a look at the impressive range offered by the aptly named sunglassesforsport. I really like their range of glasses for prescription too. They are affordable and you just slip lenses inside so you can see where you're going. I find that really helps to avoid lampposts, people and generally getting lost...

Sports equipment

Bats and balls. Frisbees, bows, canoes, paddles, oars, sails - the list is endless. If you're a serious sports person, take a look at Stadia. They supply kit for clubs and schools, as well as professionals. For entry-level fun, try gooutdoors or sportsdirect.

The easy life...

Are you a passive sports kind of person? Does your idea of sport involve a really large television, a comfortable chair and some team memorabilia or clothing? I understand. You are a true connoisseur. You might find what you need in Argos, on Amazon or at John Lewis to completely indulge your passions. Football strips from UKsoccershop, themed tableware and accessories from partydelights will complete the vibe. We'll have it delivered to you faster than Andy Murray's serve (well, not quite) using our door-to-door tracked delivery service