Open, Ashes or European football?

We're game for anything at forward2me. We've noticed the summer sport season with an influx of the latest sports equipment and accessories. After the glory of Wimbledon, it's now time for the other sports to take centre court. A hush, an 'aaaahhh' and then polite clapping - it must be golf. The British Open is on at Muirfield. The quiet 'thwack' of a willow cricket bat on a leather ball - the Ashes are being fought for once again. Coupled with the Women's European football, this means that there is something sporty for almost everyone this summer.


If you really love to spoil a walk play golf, you'll need some special sticks clubs and some hard white lumps golf balls to hit; some spiky shoes and probably some silly trousers golfing clothes (Sorry, I don't mean it really...). It's not just about hitting a pebble with a stick anymore. Golf has become an incredibly high-tech game. There are many different golf clubs to choose from. If you're a beginner, check out the entry-level clubs available. Half-sets are recommended by the experts to get you started. Sets are available from onlinegolf and sportsdirect at very reasonable prices. For more advanced golfers, there are specialised clubs and the Japanese forged ones are apparently the best, high-end (second mortgage) option. Children's golf clubs are also available from Argos if you have a budding Tiger Woods or McIllroy in the house!

If your mum won't knit you some covers for your golf clubs or the bag you have is full of nesting mice, check out the latest in accessories. Golf bags are important and have to be comfortable if you haven't got a caddy...We can carry your equipment for you too - just use our secure international shipping service.


If standing in a field trying to hit or catch a ball that's hurtling towards you is your favourite pastime, you're probably into the summer sport of cricket. A good bat should be made of willow and the ball is also very important. If you've got nobody to play with, you can even get ball throwers so you can practise your swing. Affordable cricket sets are available from JJB. Cricket whites look very smart. Protective clothing is very important - visors and boxes (I'm not saying any more) are essential.


Football is probably the most universally played game. With the women's game becoming more popular, everyone's getting involved. Whether you play just for fun or are a more serious competitor, you'll need the proper gear. If you follow a particular team, the right kits are available from the Arsenal website (That sentence was put in by my husband - you can of course choose any strip you like!) Football boots are essential to stop you from slipping, shin-pads will save you from those ill-judged sliding tackles. If you play in goals, gloves give you extra grip and protect your hands. You'll need a bag to carry it all in, drinks bottles for hydration and a decent washing machine...

So whether you're holding your own mini Ashes or a crazy golf tournament, playing football with the kids or in the league, remember to use the secure international shipping provided by forward2me.