Summer Fashion with forward2me


With the holidays in full swing, and dreamy, hot August days and nights nearly upon us, it's time to take a look at summer fashion. Summer sales are on and it's not too late to snaffle a bargain to bring some elegance into your life (or to add to the wardrobe for winter if you live in the southern hemisphere).

Here in the not-so-sunny north-west of England, it's hard to say what the summer fashion trends are because we're all still fairly well wrapped. Cardigans and wellies are hot looks here this year. On the High Street and online, stores are trying to shift summer stock ready for the new season and there are bargains galore. So what are the top trends?

According to Vogue, we ladies should be stepping out in everything from khaki (Ralph Lauren, Chanel) to pop-art inspired prints (Watanabe, Loewe), with a few polka dots thrown in, some jumpsuits and hippy chic (Ferretti, Chloe). Lace is everywhere, as are sheer fabrics and meshes. Ballerina style is also in with layers of gauze (Armani, Valentino). Don't forget nautical stuff and 'kimono' style. Oh, and denim. It's back, apparently although I hadn't noticed its absence. So how has this translated onto the High Street? What can you buy to follow the trends? Pretty much anything - mix and match is also a 'trend'.

Selfridges and John Lewis have some top designer clothes to tempt you, kimono style dresses do exist and look stunning, although on me it would be more dressing gown than dressing up. Mulberry want you to sign up to see when the sale starts. I suspect their stock will fly out almost as fast as our secure international shipping service. Jigsaw has a great sale - take a look and see if there's anything left by the time you read this. Whistles also has some lovely stuff. For khaki, try ASOS and H&M - a couple of lovely jumpsuits there too.


What are the men's fashion trends for summer 2015? Well now. Tattoos are in...According to Fashionbeans, the top 5 trends are stripes, red, denim (double), florals and blue/green combos. Earth shattering news there, blokes. I think I can hear a collective sigh of relief. Pink, stretch lycra it ain't. Not this year, anyway. You can pick up items that are on trend almost anywhere. Topman or boohoo are a good bet for trendy bargains or for something more special, try House of Fraser for designers. For summer fashion in the sales, just shop online and remember to use forward2me's door-to-door tracked delivery service for all your fashion shopping.