Strong Dollar - better exchange rate, better value for you...


There is a strong dollar at the moment. Strong enough to make a difference to anyone living in the US wanting to do a bit of shopping here in the UK. The exchange rate at the time of writing is about 1.51 GBP to USD, the highest it has been in a while. This means that as a US resident, you'll get more for your money if you shop in the UK. Don't forget to use our fast international shipping service (which will also be relatively cheaper!) to deliver your goods.

Are there any British goods you can't get in the US? Presents for friends and family? Is it worth stocking up for next year and buying all the kids' toys now? Check out Hamleys or ToysRUs for bargains. Are there whisky lovers in your family? It might even be worth perusing the whisky shops online. Our shipping costs are very competitive, especially if you are buying a larger quantity. We've had a think about some of the British goods you might be interested in. Here are a few ideas...


Have you been thinking about any major purchases? There are still some sales on here in the UK. It's worth having a look if you're thinking of upgrading any white goods, furniture or luxuries because the strong dollar means you will save if you're quick. Just make sure any electrical items are US-compatible. Have a look at John Lewis, Argos or Simply Electricals for deals.


British fashion is always popular in the US. American visitors usually flock to the famous British shops such as Harrods, Liberty and Selfridges. Why don't you do the same? Check out their websites for the latest fashion and grab yourself a new look for the new season.

British Sports

Golf players looking for some British equipment? Cycling is also a top UK export. Take a look at the best in racing bikes and accessories available in the UK and with the strong dollar, save yourself some money. Anyone for cricket or football? (If you call it soccer then you've truly assimilated well into American culture). Football strips are popular and it might be worth looking to see if the big brands such as Nike are comparatively cheaper, even with the cost of our door-to-door tracked delivery service added on.


The UK is also the home of gardening and with spring around the corner (I'm an optimist) it might be worth checking out some of the latest garden equipment, design features and materials. We can ship most things - outdoor fireplaces are hot at the moment (no, really...). Robeys are suppliers of very stylish models. With the strong dollar, you could even splash out on a water feature or some classic British style for the garden.

Please, please, please check the exchange rate before you buy. It can change suddenly, up or down. If you have any questions, just contact our customer services department.