Start a Business with forward2me

Calling all budding entrepreneurs! If you're interested in starting a business, you could use forward2me to export goods. Our shipping rates are so competitive that some of our customers have started micro-businesses in their country of residence. To start a business all you need is a good idea and a website.

We've noticed a few patterns emerging over the years. Popular products are shipped to some of our customers in large quantities and we're happy to say that some obviously have started successful businesses.

Have you spotted any gaps in the market? Are there products that you regularly buy that you think others might be interested in? You could use forward2me's secure international shipping to import interesting goods and then sell them on in your own country.

Children's toys are popular - particularly if you can get the TV show but no related merchandise in your country. A certain pig is very popular in Australia...You could start a business if there are items that are much cheaper in the UK - import them using forward2me then sell them. There are toy wholesalers in the UK that you could use.

Cycling gear and mechanical spares also pass through our warehouse in large quantities. The UK has a huge range of cycling and motorcycling enthusiasts and plenty of online retailers. You could start an online bike spares business from your own garage...

Stylish garden products are also popular. British garden design is very big in Japan. Could this be an idea for someone there? Why not start a garden design business offering UK ornaments and garden accessories? UK garden centre wholesalers stock a huge variety of goods including containers and ornaments, water features and furniture.

Computer spares are also shipped overseas regularly. You could start a business repairing PCs if you have the skills and expertise. I'm beginning to think we should emigrate too...

On the subject of computers, why not import the whole office? Here at forward2me, we see a great deal of office furniture coming through our doors en route to exotic start up businesses.

You will have to make sure that you comply with your country's tax and import/export laws. Contact our customer services department if you have any queries.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, do some online research and market research. What are the things you really miss? Could you import them if there are enough people thinking the same thing as you? Start a business based on something personal that you care about seems to be common advice.

Good luck!