Star Wars VII


Star Wars is back again. Exciting, isn't it? Well I think so, and strangely enough, just for once, I'm not alone. It seems the force is fairly strong in many millions of people. If you were born very recently or live in one of the further reaches of the galaxy, you might not have heard of this particular film franchise, but I'm willing to bet that you have.

Star Wars VII is the film that should have been made about 25 years ago...Instead, the makers decided to make a series of three prequels. There is a lot of anticipation and hope riding on the latest film. It resurrects many of the original cast members including Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, Harrison Ford as Hans Solo and whatshisname, the other one who played Luke Skywalker that no one ever remembers, ah yes, Mark Hamill.

The director is J.J. Abrams. He has recently made some epic Star Trek films, as well as Mission Impossible 3. He now has the future of the galaxy in his hands. Did I mention that Disney now own the franchise? The jury is out on whether that's a good or bad disturbance in the Force. We will see in December.

Ok, I'll cut to the chase - the film Star Wars VII ' The Force Awakens' is released here in the UK on December the 18th. I'm a tiny bit excited already. I went to see the first two films when I was small enough to slip down the back of the cinema seat and I've never been the same since. I'm hoping this one has the same spine-tingling effect and remains true to the basic good versus evil premise.

But, and I say this in all honesty, it's the merchandise that has me chuckling this morning. I already know how Christmas is going to pan out in my household. Star Wars Christmas decorations. Yes!!! Especially the Princess Leia/R2D2 message one. Ordered all ready from the Disney Store. Oooh and stamps... Even the Royal Mail has got in on the act with a set of Star Wars stamps out on the 20th of October. If you're a collector or are buying for kids, they would probably love a set of these. Oh, and Amazon has a whole Star Wars store to play in. How did they know? One click purchasing was never so dangerous. There's Star Wars Infinity for the X-Box - I know 2 kids who would like that. There are T-shirts, mugs, models, helmets - a whole galaxy full of delights for collectors and enthusiasts. Oh, and the lego...don't forget the lego.

All you have to do, if you're as mad as I am, is choose your Star Wars memorabilia then use our secure international delivery. Forward2me will then defeat the evil empire to bring peace and harmony to your household. Or something like that but involving parcels, bubble wrap and a lorry or aeroplane.