Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you!


May the fourth is coming, which for Star Wars fans around the world means only one thing. It’s Star Wars Day!

Originating on the back of a pun on the famous phrase, ‘May the force be with you’, May 4th has come to be recognised as the official day to celebrate all things Star Wars.

Now with the help of social media, fans around the world can share their Star Wars related parties, activities, costumes, purchases and more using the hashtag #starwarsday.

So grab your lightsabers…here are just some ideas to help you channel the force of Star Wars Day.

Star Wars costumes

If you’re one of the many Star Wars fans who’ll be dressing up in celebration of Star Wars Day, you’ll need to get your hands on a good costume. Escapade has a wide range of costumes available, from Stromtroopers to Princess Leia. And if you want to get your kids in on the act too, The Disney Store has Star Wars costumes for kids along with a wide range of toys, accessories and action figures.

Star Wars LEGO

We’re big fans of LEGO at forward2me and so are our customers. We know that you’ll love these Star Wars LEGO sets and with a number of them available at discounted prices, we suggest you snap them up quickly!

Fan clothing

Wear your Star Wars love on your sleeve with a t-shirt, vest or hoodie dedicated to your favourite film franchise. With clothing for both men and women, there’s an item of clothing (or two, or three!) on EMP for everyone.

Replica Stormtrooper wear

For the serious Star Wars fan, these Stormtrooper helmets and armour may be a bit of an investment, but their authenticity make them worth the outlay. Produced by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios, who designed and created the Stormtrooper outfits for the first Star Wars movie, these replica helmets and armour are as close to the original as you can get. Made using the original moulds, these exclusive collectables might just be the ultimate in memorabilia!

Star Wars merchandise

Star Wars merchandise is big business and the range of items you can get old of is virtually endless! For everything from socks to mugs, and for quirkier items including Star Wars origami and Star Wars crochet kits, take a look at Geek Core.

We love gadgets at forward2me and Star Wars themed gadgets are the perfect way to bring out your inner geek. Check out MenKind and IWOOT for both fun and practical ideas.

For more ideas on how to celebrate Star Wars Day, take a look at the pages on the official Star Wars site.