Spring! - time to get a Nest?


A nest? No - you're not about to pile sticks up in the corner and stuff it full of fluff and feathers...(unless you really want to). A Nest is the latest must-have energy saving gadget from Google. Get yours today through forward2me!

So what is a Nest?

It's a controller that connects to your central heating/cooling system linked with a sensor that gauges whether you are in or not and what your temperature preferences are. You train it. If you adjust it, for example because you want to be warmer in the evening, say, or cooler if you're doing housework or that aerobics routine you always do, it'll remember and alter the temperatures for you next time. You can also control your heating system when you are away from the nest, so to speak, by using a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Why do you need one?

A Nest will learn your routine and then save you money by anticipating when your heating needs to come on to be at the right temperature when you arrive. It'll turn the heating down if no-one is home and bring it back up to temperature for when you get home. It'll tell you to go and put a jumper on (no...not yet, probably the next version). It tracks your energy use so that you can see when you use energy and shows you when you are saving money. According to Google, it can save up to 20% off your energy bills. By reducing extreme swings in temperature, the heating will run more efficiently.

You can be cruel to your partner by remotely switching the heating on or off...Or cause friction depending who trains it - in our house, we often run at completely different temperatures - I'll be in a blanket whilst the rest of the family have T-shirts on and vice-versa. You can get round this by having two sensors for different zones.

Where do I get one?

You can buy a Nest kit from Amazon, John Lewis and a range of other retailers. Buy online and use forward2me's secure international delivery. Currently the Nest retails at £179, so if the claims of 20% savings are true, it'll pay for itself in a year. You may need to have the Nest professionally installed although a few comments online from customers suggest that it's not too complicated, just a bit of wiring. It replaces your existing timer/programmer and thermostat.

Will it work with my system?

According to the Nest website, it is compatible with most heating systems, whether you have a combi-boiler or even a ground-source pump.  You can have it free-standing on an elegant stand that costs extra (of course) or wired in to your thermostat cabling.

So get a Nest and save that Nest egg!