Spring Cleaning Made Easy with forward2me

It’s spring and as the watery sunshine attempts to permeate the dirt on the windows, it illuminates the dust, cobwebs and general clutter that have accumulated through the long, cold winter. It’s definitely time for a bit of a clean...

Spring cleaning has its origins back in the dust and clutter of time itself. In the northern hemisphere, the cold winters meant that houses were heated with open fires and by spring, everything was dusty. Spring’s arrival made it possible to open the windows, clean everything and have the wind blow fresh air through the house. Iranian, Egyptian and Jewish cultures also have spring cleaning before the new year begins in April.

Cleaning might be a traditional occupation, but the technology’s far from antiquated. At forward2me, we’ve had a look at the new equipment that’s available to take some of the drudgery out of cleaning. Some of it actually looks like fun!

Windows are always tricky. Even with the vinegar/newspaper method or the latest cleaning products, they still streak and smear. If you have this problem too, why not try a Karcher window cleaner? They are also good if you have condensation or for cleaning shower screens to reduce the build up of soap scum and limescale.

Bust the dust with these compact vacuum cleaners – handy for stairs, upholstery and the car. If (like me) your needs are greater, a Dyson might be what you need. Currys have a good range of wet and dry cleaners, good if you have kids or pets.

If you get bored with cleaning indoors (as I do after about five minutes) and are easily lured into the garden by a single ray of sunshine; there are many new tools and gadgets to make spring cleaning outside easier too. If you need to hoover the grass or wash the paving, the UK is famous for its lawn mowing equipment with some of the best manufacturers still based here. You can even get a lawn-mowing robot to do it all for you and use our secure international shipping so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Pressure washers are useful for cleaning the paving, the car or whatever needs a good blast. Don't forget to take the take the pressure off with our UK parcel forwarding service. Just remember to check before you order that any electricals are compatible with your country of residence.

You’ll need the right kit to wear if you want to be a glamorous gardener or a cool cleaner. Hunter wellies are still the height of fashion. Notonthehighstreet has a selection of aprons, tea towels and other goodies to make your cleaning stylish.

So make your cleaning jobs as easy as using forward2me’s door to door tracked service this spring. You’ll feel virtuous and the view through a clean window is much nicer...