Spectre - another Bond film...


If the spectre of another Bond film fills you with dread, look away now! Bond fever has gripped forward2me in a ruggedly handsome way. Spectre is the 24th Bond film. I'll let that little bombshell sink in for a minute; I'm still coming to terms with it myself. Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond, although he gives the impression in various interviews that he really doesn't enjoy it. Maybe he's just had enough rolling around with beautiful women, driving in fast cars, drinking cocktails and being shot at.

Bond certainly impresses the ladies(and some of the gents too). Just how does he do it? Is it possible to replicate just enough Bond-ness to increase your own suavity, sex appeal and all-round kudos? Maybe. Perhaps you just need a little help from forward2me to increase your Bond rating. We've had a look at all the things we think you'll need to get into bondage (sorry, I can't help it) James Bond.

The suits. Bond has very elegant styling, modern classic with a timeless quality. He wears all manner of suits from full tuxedo to more casual dress. Take a look at Charles Tyrwhitt online to get the idea. They have a range of Bond-style suits that would be fantastic as Christmas party season approaches.

The cars. Hmmm. We can ship cars. Probably more along the lines of model cars though...There is a collector's website with every Bond car ever made.. You could collect the full set and one day it might be worth a fortune so you could sell it and buy a real Bond car? Just a thought...A slightly better thought is that they would make excellent stocking fillers for any Bond-enthused munchkins you know. Or try eBay for vintage models.

The gadgets. Did you know you can buy spy stuff online? It's surprisingly good too. Take a look at spycatcher.com for some creepy surveillance gear. They have pens that record, hidden camera radios and some serious equipment for all Bond wannabees. 

The cocktails. Ah yes, 'shaken, not stirred'. Do you have everything you need to make the perfect Bond cocktail? Check out Drinkstuff for everything you'll ever need to shake it all up. There are even things called 'muddlers' and a gadget that builds rainbow layers in your glass. Great Christmas presents for the sophisticates in your life. A book of cocktail recipes would also come in handy from Amazon.

The Bond girls. Sorry - don't think we can ship the stars of the film. We can ship fancy dress costumes so you can dress up and have a bit of fun pretending though...Just use our door-to-door tracked shipping service and you can be Moneypenny or Bond whenever the fancy takes you.

Take a look at the James Bond lifestyle, the 007.com website and thecinemastore for more Bond related merchandise. Shop online and we'll do the rest. Mission accomplished, although we probably won't do the smoochy bit at the end!