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These days, many of us are signed up to more mailing lists than we probably realise. When you’re asked by a company if you want to subscribe to their mailing list, you might be tempted to decline. But the fact is, some companies send out better, more relevant and more interesting mailings than others.

At forward2me, we like to think that the mailings we send out are useful to our customers. We’re always on the lookout for things we think our customers will be interested in and we invest a lot of time and effort in bringing this information to our customers in an appropriate way.

The good news is, there are a number of ways you can choose to hear from us and you can control and update your preferences at any time.


Our blog is a great source of information and inspiration for all things retail and shopping in the UK. We always try and post blogs around topics we think will be of interest to our customers, be that around a new product launch, a change in the season, a special event or other topical theme.

Our blog writers scour the internet for the very best in deals and what’s available, meaning you can go directly to the products you’re interested in buying.

As a rule of thumb, we add four new posts to our blog every month. So you don’t need to worry that we’ll be bombarding your inbox!


Ever found yourself stuck for shopping inspiration? Customers love our emails because they’re bright, bold and full of great shopping ideas. We send you the latest on product launches from trainers to technology and everything in between. We also spend time researching and compiling the best buys from UK online retail and bring them directly to you.

Don’t want to miss a sale? We send you details of the biggest retailer sales as and when they occur.


As well as hearing about the latest in UK retail and what’s on the market in the UK, by signing up to receive offers from us, you’ll be the first to hear about competitions we are running, but also any exclusive retailer discounts we have on offer.

For example, forward2me is currently running Twitter competition.  When a customer ships a parcel from our warehouse, they get the opportunity to guess the date and time of the delivery of their parcel at their door within the hour. If they guess right, they get their next shipment free up to £200! T&C’s apply.

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