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Shoes have been in the news recently. Allegedly, ladies wearing flat shoes were turned away from Cannes this year and this has sparked a backlash. Now celebrities are deliberately wearing flat shoes in protest. Flat shoes are now IN, everybody. Quick - use forward2me's secure international delivery to get some!

So how are your feet faring? Are you an Imelda Marcos type with rooms dedicated to shoe homage? Or are you like me with enough to get through most social occasions as long as I wear long trousers and jewellery to draw the eyes up, up and away from the offending footwear?

Men, I'm not going to forget that you too also have feet and that occasionally, you may want to wear interesting and stylish attire to cover your tootsies. You lot are lucky in that you aren't expected to teeter about like baby giraffes to look good (unless you really want to, of course).

So what's hot and what's not? I'm going to start with sandals because as I discovered last year, by the end of June, the shops won't have any left and will be stocking up with boots for the winter. You need to get in quick...

Boohoo has a great range of quirky sandals from long, lace-up gladiators to chunky jelly shoes - great if you go paddling like I do. Now, I probably wouldn't go paddling in Jimmy Choo's collection. The merest hint of a foot covering starts at over £250 and quickly becomes stratospheric in price. Yes, they are gorgeous.  Take a look - there are some beautiful lacy ones. The men's shoes from Jimmy Choo are equally eye and mouth-watering. A flip-flop for £395 and it's called 'Wally'. You'd have to be one to buy one is what my Nan would say... It's not difficult to achieve the same effect from somewhere like Topshop. If you are a practical, flat shoe kinda gal or bloke, then M&S or Clarks are where it's at. I'd also look at Next and maybe Fly for inspiration. Fly has a sale on at the time of writing, great for chunky sole lovers...

Anyone going to a wedding?  Getting married? John Lewis has a vast array of ivory and satin shoes shimmering ready for you in all shapes and sizes. Gents, never fear, the menswear section is full of dapper numbers in black, brown and, well, black and brown.

Children's shoes are cool - from tiny baby shoes, cute kids' shoes or just some trainers to muck about in. The little darlings are always growing out of the darned things though, aren't they? Where is good for affordable, durable but attractive kid's shoes? Startrite, Clarks , even the major supermarkets - Asda and Sainsbury's are both good for kids' shoes. Oh and if it doesn't have Minions on, it's not worth wearing!

If you find shoes fascinating, the V&A has a whole shoe feature on its website and has influenced some of the designer collections this year.