Shop and Ship German Brands using forward2me


German brands are responsible for producing some of the most popular items in the world. From cars to shoes, toys to sports items, German goods are known to be produced to high standards and have gained a reputation around the world for quality.

There are many reasons why shopping directly from German brands via their German website is preferable for shoppers. Firstly, when buying directly from a manufacturer, it’s often possible to get the best deals, offers and prices. Another of the main reasons is that there is usually much more choice – when selling via third parties resellers, a brand will limit items to a number of lines or ranges. However, when buying directly from a German brand’s retail site, it’s possible to access the whole range – included any limited releases or editions that might not be available in any other countries.

Some German retailers offer free delivery on orders delivered to a German address (a minimum spend can apply) which can sometimes mean it is cheaper to buy from a German website using a German shipping address, even when onward parcel forwarding is factored in.

With all this in mind, here are some of the most popular categories that our customers buy from German retailers and ship to the UK and around the world from our German warehouse.


When it comes to clothing and fashion shopping from German retailers, it’s possible to find almost every category and style.

For women’s fashion, Impressionen is a popular German brand with seasonal on-trend looks.

Ranges for the whole family can be found at Otto, Closed, Jack Wolfskin and Tchibo.

Although probably the most famous German brand is Adidas, there are other names for sportswear and apparel – such as Reusch and Tchibo. Recon Company is another retailer – particularly specialising in outdoor pursuits clothing and equipment.

Underwear and lingerie can be found at German brands Schiesser and Sloggi.


Shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying quality shoes from German brands. Gortz is one of the most popular German brands of shoe, with ranges for men, women and children. Birkenstocks may be available all over the world, but buying directly from the German website offers customers access to all the ranges.


German consumers are into their tech and as a result, there are a selection of standout retailers offering great choice and prices. Saturn is one of these – with a great range of products including smartphones, laptops, tvs, gaming and home electricals.  You’ll also find a wide range of technology and electricals at Conrad

Another German retailer’s website worth knowing about is As Good As New. Specialising in tech such as smartphones, smart watches, Macs, laptops and tablets, the website offers great discounts on refurbished goods from top name brands.


When it comes to homeware, there are one or two German retailers that stand out from the rest for choice. As one of Germany’s most popular DIY and home stores, OBI is a great destination to visit for everything from garden furniture to power tools.

For home interior and furnishing items, department store retailers such as Otto and Tchibo offer Germany quality combined with contemporary style. 

Rakuten is another well-known German retailer that has a brilliant range of items for the home and garden (along with tech, clothing, baby and just about everything in between!)

Toys & Books

Steiff is one of Germany’s most well-known brands and their teddy bears are loved by collectors all over the world. Now with a whole range of products available from their German website, Steiff has become a one-stop retailer for baby toys and gifts.

Other German favourites in the category of toys and books include Hugendubel and Ravensburger.

Car parts

German cars brands are some of the most popular and well known in the world. But parts can be expensive to purchase. Buying BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Seat car parts directly from German companies can offer savings. eBay Germany is a brilliant place to look – as car parts can be found from both private sellers and businesses.

eBay Germany

eBay Germany is a one-stop shop for fans of German brands and goods. Sellers in Germany may not want the hassle or cost of shipping outside of Germany, therefore offering domestic shipping services only. Using froward2me’s warehouse in Germany, shoppers from anywhere in the world can access items being sold by German-based eBay sellers. Some of the items that we ship frequently from eBay Germany include car parts, electricals, power tools, smart phones, camera equipment and books.

Earlier this year, forward2me launched a German forwarding service after opening our first warehouse outside of the UK in Merseburg, Germany. Customers from around the world can now shop from a whole host of European and German retailers using our Merseburg warehouse as their German shipping address. The launch of our warehouse in Germany has also opened the doors of German brands and retailers to UK shoppers, who are able to use our German forwarding services to buy from retailers in Germany or mainland Europe that don’t offer shipping to the UK, or from who it is cheaper to buy directly from their German website.