Shipping Large Items with forward2me


We can ship really large items here at forward2me - much larger than the average sized parcels you might take to a post office. To give you an idea, here are a few of the 'large' items we've shipped recently:

IKEA flat-pack furniture. You're groaning at the thought of it, aren't you? Maybe you've managed to live a chip-board free existence for several years without an allen key in sight. I'm so sorry; those days are over. Look online at the beautiful Scandinavian design with the clunky names, order away and then use our speedy international delivery to bring those screwdrivers and allen keys out of retirement.

On the home front, nothing beats a bit of Laura Ashley. We've shipped furniture, curtains, fabrics...You could re-style your boudoir, we'll ship it and you can live in floral heaven.

Sonos. Honestly, it's what I'd save if the house burnt down (sorry dog, sorry kids). Treat yourself for Christmas and we'll use our door-to-door tracked delivery service to keep you in music forever more.

Maybe you make your own sweet music? Check out Dawsons and Dolphin for instruments. We can ship all sorts of things - you can venture into something larger than a piccolo or a harmonica. Think euphonium, tuba, bagpipes or an organ to really annoy the neighbours.

Other hobbies we ship out include sports equipment. Indoor gyms for fitness fanatics, treadmills and weights all pass through our doors. If you cycle outdoors, we ship bikes and parts, go-karts, skate-boards, surf-boards...go overboard!

Do your kids have high expectations of giant presents at Christmas? Are they longing for a play kitchen? Get them the real thing from IKEA. No, don't really - try Smyths for toys. Dolls' houses are popular, so are high beds. A princess bed with a slide, or a racing car bed? We can ship these too, just shop online and we'll do the rest with our efficient international shipping.

So how do you go about ordering an extra large item? The process is the same as usual, shop online and use our UK-based shipping address, then:

1. Ask the retailer for dimensions and weight of the item in its packaging. We price on the size of the whole thing. If this is tricky, contact our Customer Services department.

2. Use the price estimator on the website to get a price. If the item is larger than the estimator can cope with, just contact Customer Services and we'll be happy to help.

3. Some items will have to be repackaged for shipping - armchairs etc. This may make the item a little larger which will be factored into the costs. If you've bought something squishy that can be compressed or folded smaller, we'll try to save you money by reducing the packaging. Teddy bear squashing a speciality...

To be sure forward2me won't let you down. We always do our very best to provide the best price and service for those larger items...