Shaggy dog sales?

Everyone likes a little bit of company and for millions of people worldwide, that means owning a cute, furry companion. In the UK there are over 8 million dogs and they are about to exceed cats in the popularity stakes. According to the Telegraph (3.9.2011) this is due to a rise in ‘pets as accessories’. ‘Handbag’ breeds such as pugs, poodles and chihuahas are very popular at the moment; cheaper to own and easier to keep compared to larger dogs. Their cuteness makes them very easy to spoil.

Do you have a pet? If so, have you treated it to a little something lately? My dog loves presents and instinctively knows when something is for him, even when it’s wrapped! He won’t fit in a handbag though, but there are many other ways to pamper your pet. Why not use forward2me to make your purchase of pet products and ship using our secure parcel forwarding service.

Cats and dogs love comfort. Mine has a fondness for our memory foam mattress and in order to coax him away from it, I treated him to a new bed. I could even have got him a memory foam one of his own online. Have a look at some of these – from the majestic to the more mundane, there’s a bed for every breed. There are also sofa protectors that look extremely comfortable (who needs a pet?) and would be good for kid’s wear and tear too.

Bling is still ‘in’ in the world of pets’ accessories. Some of these collars are quite tempting as jewellery for humans, let alone the dog or cat. Miiiaauw...

So many to choose from. Kongs are great – they last forever and are handy if you have to leave your dog for a while – stuff them full of treats or smear peanut butter inside and he’ll spend the time chasing it around rather than eating the furniture. Crackle-heads are a new toy that make a crunch. Tug-of-war is my dog’s favourite game – he loves balls that are attached to rope – good for his teeth too, and my arm.

Most dogs fetch sticks. They love to chew them, carry them and play fetch. However, there are many horror stories about injuries and accidents caused by sticks. Good news is that companies have researched alternatives and, strange though it may seem, you can now buy ‘fake’ sticks to throw for your dog.

Useful stuff
They really do think of everything...Does your dog have long ears? There’s a bowl to stop them from dangling in the food. Pet hair is a pest – my dog’s hair has just claimed it’s third vacuum-cleaner victim. Try these removers if you want to be able to wear black with confidence again. A good lead is essential – extending ones are great to allow a bit of freedom or ones that have a comfortable grip, particularly if you have a dog that takes you for a walk, not the other way round. Flashing dog collars are also a good idea – harder to lose the dog and it’s less likely to be run over.

Weird and wonderful luxury
Hand-made, personalised dog bowls...for the pet that can read? Upholstered furniture, even a porter’s chair for dogs. A pet-pushchair, dog tents...There are thousands of products out there to suit any budget, taste (or lack thereof) and pet.

I haven’t even mentioned clothes...