Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7

Not many Smartphones still get an appreciative 'oooh' in our house, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 certainly did when I said I was writing about it. My son wants to know how much it is  - too much, young man. GET. A. JOB. - although I think my husband's Christmas present is in the bag. That's if he can wait that long. But why are we so excited? What is it about Samsung's tech that can make us world-weary grown-ups show something more than apathy and teenagers actually smile?

Well. Even I like the look of it. I want to pick it up, hold it, play with it. It's shiny, curvaceous and smooth. It's big but small. The way the screen stretches over the edge is impressive. The colours are clear, the images sharp and that's just from looking at pictures of it on Samsung's website. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is more like a phablet than the plain S7 but the reviewers say it's easy to hold because of the new curved back design. I haven't held one yet but I'm sure it won't be long...

'But we liked the Samsung S6,' I hear you say. 'There was nothing wrong with it.' Ah. That's what you thought, but there are so many reasons why this one is better. Reading the Techradar and TrustedReviews, the consensus seems to be that the Samsung S7 is better because it is waterproof for 30 mins at 1m depth and has the all important battery life to give you more than 24 hours between charges. Charging time has also been reduced.  These are the features I could relate to. It can be dropped down the sink or in the pool and won't die on you when you really need it. There are other, more technical reasons to follow.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 runs on marshmallows. My son won't be happy to hear that, he'll have to share them. Sorry the operating system is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Panic not, the pink and white blobs of delight are safe. It has 4GB of RAM and anyone who takes a lot of pictures will be pleased to hear that they have re-introduced the micro-SD slot so you can save the internal memory. It has 'always on' technology that's meant to save the battery, rather than switching it on and off again to see the time etc., a display is always visible, even when it's off.

There are many, many more features to discover. The reviewers' only minor niggles included the fact that the gorilla glass outer picks up fingerprints easily, and the speaker quality is below what you'd expect. Otherwise, what's not to like? It's shiny. You can get one. A mere snip at £629 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Just use our secure international delivery service and forward2me will bring you the cutting S7 Edge straight to your door.