Rugby World Cup 2015


The Rugby World Cup is in full swing. If you like watching big, burly blokes in skin-tight shorts chasing a misshapen ball, it's your lucky month. Yup, a whole month. Rugby right through until the 31st of October. Who do you support?

As I write, England have just been knocked out of their home Rugby World Cup. Scotland beat Romania but couldn’t cope with the power of South Africa, leaving the last two home nations, Ireland and Wales through to the quarter finals already.

As an ex-pat, will you be looking to support your 'old' team or your country of residence's side? Or do you just do what I do and support the under-dog? If you are passionate about the sport of rugby, have you got everything you need to help celebrate/commiserate? Here at forward2me, we enjoy a bit of rugby and the newly discovered 'who's got the biggest beard' competition. There are some truly magnificent specimens out there. 'Twiddliest national anthem' is also a good game. Some of them are almost impossible to sing.

Rugby shirts are a necessity in any household that enjoys the World Cup. There are official shirts available from the Rugby World Cup store online. They also have some really cute sets for kids that would make great presents. Just use our secure international delivery service to surprise your nearest and dearest. Amazon has a rugby store with balls for every nation, kits and equipment. England fans can also use the England Rugby Store for a great selection of memorabilia. If you're looking for a rugby-themed present, how about a pocket watch? You-know-what is just around the corner...

Decorations can turn watching the game on the telly into an event. Bunting can trigger some enthusiasm and create atmosphere in your living room. John Lewis has a selection of merchandise too, including Shaun the Sheep pencil cases, sweets and the mascot. I know a few kids who'd love one of those.

Why not cook up some snacks on a rugby theme? Amazon has a great selection of cake toppers, rugby themed decorations and baking accessories. You could serve them on some themed plates from Party Packs for the finishing touch. Order online and use our door-to-door tracked delivery service to avoid the scrum!