Robots are the future?

Don't worry, we're not bringing in the robots just yet. We still have the human touch here at forward2me...Twenty five years ago though, a team of futurologists predicted that by now we would all have robot maids, sat nav and hand-held computers. They were almost right, although we still seem to be a long way off having personal robots to perform our household chores.

Here at forward2me, we've had a look at some of the technology available. There are some useful robots out there. Robotic lawnmowers are popular this year as the designs have improved and they have become more affordable. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also more popular. This is the kind of technology I can cope with! Imagine just sitting there, ice-cubes clinking, while the robots do the boring stuff.

Other useful household technology improves the energy efficiency of the house. There are also sensors and gadgets to reduce your electricity consumption. Green gadgets that will eventually save you money.

Slightly less worthy, my favourite tech has to be the in-built audio system - popular and more affordable nowadays. Wireless technology has enabled gadgets to be seamlessly incorporated into everyday living. Sensors can trigger curtains, lighting and garage doors automatically. Instant ambiance with lights, music and even the curtains swishing closed. Very Bond.

Robotic cars that can drive themselves have been given a road license in Nevada. In Japan there is a manufacturer producing driverless cars for elderly and disabled passengers called Ropits. Using sensors and sat nav technology, they remove the human error from driving, which is what causes almost all accidents.

Last, but not least, we'll all be looking at the world through Google glass goggles soon. Google has produced glasses that perform like an on-board computer. You can take pictures, record movies and Google for information using the glasses and voice commands. Although not available yet, I'm sure it won't be long before we're shipping them out using our tracked international delivery service here at forward2me.

Robots as we imagine them may not be here yet but they are definitely on their way. So just lift your feet as the vacuum cleaner comes past and give us a wink on your Google glasses! Thanks...