Ride a bike or fly a kite?


So what are your hobbies and interests? Isn't the internet great? I think that the web has opened up a whole new world of hobbies for people who can now access anything from anywhere to help with their hobby, whether it's building models, repairing cars or flying a kite. Here at forward2me, we ship a myriad of interesting items to all you hobby enthusiasts. So many, that I'm going to split them into two separate sections - the indoor (rainy day stuff), and the (yup, you guessed it) outdoor hobbies.

Indoor Hobbies

Model building. I know many model enthusiasts and they're not all anorak-clad train spotters either...just the odd cagoule. It can be a messy and surprisingly expensive business and it's easy to get carried away. My son has recently created some models and the kitchen was transformed into a sticky heap of green fluffy gunk and cardboard. The end effect was good, but only after several trips to Hobbycraft. If we'd been more organised, we would have shopped online for all the equipment. Just take a look at Howard's Scenics and modelscenerysupplies if you're a model building enthusiast. Some of us still build using Lego. It's a lot less messy and for the young'uns, it's like Minecraft, just analogue...

If you are creative in other ways, there are many outlets for craft and art supplies, everything from calligraphy to stained glass. Just use our door-to-door tracked delivery service for all your art supplies. Fred Aldous and Cowling and Wilcox are useful suppliers of art materials.

If tech is your indoor hobby, there are so many options to choose from. Apple is the obvious place to start for shiny, shiny fun tech. There are other options though, take a look at Amazon and Currys to get the bigger picture. You could be sitting in a gaming chair, plugged in to an Oculus Rift or watching 3-D TV and listening through a Sonos soundbar, X-box or Playstation addicted...tech can be all hobbies to all people. Some tech even goes outside if you want a drone or a top-of-the-range camera...

Outdoor Hobbies

Because it's hard to fly a kite inside. And what a kite you can have. Take a look at some of these beauties from Kiteworld.

Putting a tent up can be a bit like flying a large kite around here sometimes. You might want a new one for your hiking hobby. There are some very practical tents available - inflatable ones, pop-up ones, we can deliver all sorts. You'll need all the gizmos too if you're taking up camping this season. Around here it's extremely cold at night, so good sleeping bags are essential. Comfy chairs are a must. Some of them are so good now that I could sit in them all the time at home too.

If fitness is your hobby, you might want to run, jog or play sport in some new kit this year. We can ship everything from punch bags to kit bags, tennis rackets to trainers. Speaking of trainers, take a look at the latest from Nike and Adidas. Trainers are a hobby in their own right and many people collect them. Are you one of them?

Cycling is still massively popular here in the UK. It won't be long before the Tour kicks off. Buy your cycling gear online at Chainreaction or Wiggle and use our secure international delivery to get a head start.

Finally, an indoor/outdoor hobby - car maintenance. Refurb. Pimp your ride. Many folks are in their sheds and garages tinkering, fettling and generally mucking about with cars and motorcycles, boats and buses. Do you have a rusty old banger in need of love? Is 2016 the year to renovate? Get online and take a look at the suppliers Vintage Car Parts and Restoration Specialities for inspiration.

Right. I'll get off my hobby horse now and leave you alone to your pursuits. Is online shopping a hobby yet?