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We owe our success to listening to our customers. We aim to be as flexible and responsive as possible, adapting our service to your needs whenever we can.

Trust can’t be bought

We’re so proud of our positive independent customer satisfaction surveys from, we publish a live feed on the forward2me home page!

Business Matters reports that new technologies are now available for “naming and shaming” companies who post fraudulent reviews of their products and services online. This includes begging people for reviews and paying others to review them positively online!

 “Mark of shame”

Popular review sites are the hardest hit by dishonest reviewers. Under the new system, a “mark of shame” will be added to the profile of companies supporting fake reviews on these sites. This will warn consumers not to trust their information.

Sophisticated algorithms will help detect fraudsters trying to mislead consumers.Yelp Is the first company to sign up to the technology, soon to be followed by TripAdvisor and Qype, among others.

Telling it straight

We fully support all attempts to identify fraudulent reviews that mislead customers, damage consumer trust and bring excellent review sites into disrepute.

We use independent merchant review system to guarantee an honest evaluation of our service to current and prospective clients.

We’ve never posted fake positive reviews of, or asked anyone else to. Thanks to you, we’ve never had to! Lots of our customers respond to’s requests on our behalf for feedback, a strong sample on which to base their conclusions.

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