Reduce your shipping costs with forward2me


At forward2me we have invested in a new ‘toy’. We can help you to reduce your shipping costs so make the most of it as there are plenty of reasons to!

The vacuum packer can be used to significantly reduce the size of your products such as duvets, cushions, pillows and padded coats by taking the excess air out of them. Once the vacuumed package is reopened it springs back to life and is good as new.

Depending on the item, we can adjust the amount of air withdrawn from parcels to protect more delicate items – don’t be afraid all our staff have undertaken competent training in using the machine leaving your items in the very best of hands.

forward2me vacuum packer from Janet Grundy on Vimeo.

Large volume items such as duvets and pillows can make international shipping costs unreasonable owing to the use of volumetric weight in calculating price.

If you let forward2me vacuum pack your items in order to reduce volumetric weight, this will reduce the shipping costs or allow you to fit more items in the same package using our consolidation service!

Now you know all about our fantastic service why not go and have a look at our favourite customer bedding retailers: John Lewis & Achica!

If you are considering buying new bedding, coats or anything you think you would like to be vacuum packed contact our customer service team who will be more than willing to help and advise you!

Rugs, Carpets & Material Rolls:

We also offer another cost saving service for a different type of household goods!
I am sure you are aware rugs, materials and the like tend to come in long rolls, usually longer than 120cms which unfortunately leaves them subject to a £22 surcharge! This can be avoided at forward2me… we can offer to unroll and fold your items neatly ensuring they arrive in the best of conditions at a fraction of the cost!

We see lots of rugs and materials from the likes of Laura Ashley and House of Fraser!

Written by forward2me