Practical Prams to Stylish Strollers...

So just how do you roll with a little one? If you've had, or are about to have a baby, you'll be thinking about prams if you want to leave the house, although you might have had a look at some of the options and decided that it's cheaper just to stay inside!

The world of prams, buggies, travel systems, baby-carriers etc. can be daunting. It's easy to be beguiled by beautiful, luxurious and trendy transport. Here at forward2me, we've been shipping the latest models out to parents using our door-to-door tracked delivery service.

The word 'pram' used to mean a stable, four-wheeled monster that was flat, had a hood and took up the entire hallway. You could carry baby and an entire week's shopping without any trouble. Nowadays, prams come in all shapes and sizes and seem to fit into three main categories - travel systems, pushchairs and strollers. Chances are, when you do venture out, you won't be able to fit the shopping in any of them, though...

Forward2me's Top Pram Tips

Think carefully before you buy. How much will you walk? Do you need something manoeuvrable for nipping to the shops, or will you be walking or even jogging a long way? How much will you be carrying? Just a changing bag or a full load or shopping? How much do you want to spend - set a budget because it is very easy to get carried away. And last, but not least, how big is your car boot?

Travel systems

If you drive frequently and don't want to wake your snoozing bundle up every five minutes by taking them in and out of a child seat, a travel system is ideal. A car seat attaches to the pram frame that releases to slot into the car (on a base that's bought separately so don't forget to order this at the same time). Most come with a pram insert too so that you can use the system as a normal pram and lie the baby flat. Some convert into pushchairs/strollers too - these are often larger but very practical and you can avoid having to buy a separate stroller later on.


Some pushchairs come with a carry-cot as well as a seat and many are fully reclinable so that they can be used from birth. Read reviews about how easily they fold, whether they have enough storage etc. on mumsnet or netmums to inform your decision.

Strollers or buggies

For older babies and toddlers. Light-weight, collapsible but not necessarily as comfortable; strollers are handy because they are easy(ish) to fold and carry. Most people end up buying a full pram and then resorting to a stroller when the child gets older. This sounds like even more expense, but there are some very affordable options out there. Ebay and Argos are good for buying baby gear.

Don't forget slings and baby carriers if you need your hands free. If you're a keen walker, take a look at these backpack carriers.

The UK has a fantastic selection of pushchairs, prams and other baby accessories. Check out Mothercare, Boots, and MamasandPapas to see the full range. Don't forget to use forward2me's secure international shipping service for all your needs.