Power Tools

This week, we discovered that someone in Norway either lives a very exciting life rescuing people trapped in car accidents, is assembling a full size meccano kit out of sheet metal or they have some very big nuts to crack!

The ‘Jaws of Life’ tools that came through forward2me en route to Norway are designed for heavy-duty metal cutting, prising open windows, ramming and forcing tough materials apart – perfect for extricating people from their cars after accidents.

Hydraulic...swoon... Cutters...gasp... Torque...catches breath... Spreaders...Oh my! Nothing beats a good gadget for getting everyone a bit hot under the collar here at forward2me. The ladies are imagining the hunky chap who ordered the ‘Jaws of Life’ rescuing damsels in distress. The blokes – well - it’s a power tool. Need I say more?

I just hope that there hasn’t been someone trapped in a car in Norway until the delivery arrived...forward2me is fast, but not that fast!