Pick your BlackBerry Z10 in the UK - it's fresh!

Although it was only launched on the 30th of January, the BlackBerry Z10 has already been flooding through our doors here at forward2me and we’ve been shipping punnets of them to all our friends and customers all over the world who want the juicy features the BlackBerry has to offer (I’ll try to stop the fruit thing shortly, I just can’t help myself!).

Surprisingly, the Z10 was launched in the UK first. That’s right – not in the US, Japan or even the home of BlackBerry, Canada. They all have to wait. The US has to wait a whole month! The reason - BlackBerry phones have around 25% of the market share in the UK compared to just 2% in the US. So if you want one, order it using your UK address – we'll ship it through our door to door tracked service allowing you to have the pick of the bunch before anyone else (sorry...that just slipped out).

It looks very attractive - it’s sleek, black and stylish and according to the reviews I’ve read, it has a comfortable feel. It’s comparatively affordable and has a touch-screen body and an easy to use virtual keyboard as well as an 8 megapixel camera. This brings it in line with its other fruit-based competitors - Apple, Samsung (is that the Korean word for kumquat or something, I wonder?) and other Android-based phones.

BlackBerry has the business side of the market cornered here in the UK and with its incredibly popular messaging system; it’s equally coveted by the young and trendy folks too. Last but not least, this fruit phone has an HDMI port and all the apps you need.

So get picking online and add a BlackBerry Z10 to your shopping list, use our personal shopper service, if you're struggling with your credit card. Use our international shipping service to forward it, add it to your apples and make a pie! (I know, I know. I’ll get help...)