Ph-abulous Phablet - the Xiaomi Redmi Note


You might not have heard of Xiaomi...yet. The Gadget Show says the company is set to become China's Apple equivalent. It produces high-spec, low-cost smart phones and tablets, as well as phablets (another new word for me this morning).

The Xiaomi Redmi Note is their latest offering and has sold out faster than you can even read a recipe for a hot cake. According to Business Insider, the company tweeted that they had had over 15 million pre-orders when it was released. I took a look and I think you even have to pre-order a pre-order on Xiaomi's interestingly translated website now. But why is this?

Xiaomi Redmi Note specs

It's a phablet. A large phone or small tablet with all the bells and whistles you have come to expect from a smart device. Its battery gets the best reviewer comments because it's a 3200mAh (muwahahahaha?) that should give you plenty of power. Its 5.5 inches with a 13 megapixel camera and an impressive octa-core 1400 MHz processor. It also compares favourably with Samsung and Apple equivalents but at a fraction of the price. It's reckoned that it will cost between £59 and £80 when (if) it becomes available in the UK.

If you want to get your hands on one, keep an eye on eBay and Amazon or pre-order from the Xiaomi website and use forward2me's UK parcel forwarding address. Expect to pay a bit of a high mark-up on these phones if you purchase from a third-party. Their low cost has been seized upon as an opportunity by European and US businesses who buy wholesale and sell them on.

Other Xiaomi Products

If you want an affordable smart phone that you don't have to wait for, have a look at the other Xiaomi phones. The Xiaomi Red Rice and the MI3 are the flagship products in the Chinese phone market. With high specs and very, very stylish looks, the MI3 will be very popular. The MI3 hasn't been released in the UK (due November?) but is available through eBay shipped from China. Please ensure that you use reputable sellers with good reviews before placing eBay orders and remember to use our door-to-door tracked delivery service too.

The Xiaomi Red Rice is a lower spec phone, but this makes it even more affordable. One review mentioned that it doesn't always come with 3G outside China - check before you buy. Use forward2me's personal shopper service or contact our customer services department if you have any questions. Happy hunting for your Xiaomi will be phab!