Peter Kay's Car Share


Peter Kay is back. His sitcom 'Car Share' has attracted huge audiences for the BBC and has been a massive hit on iPlayer. The show features Peter Kay as a supermarket worker with his passenger, Sian Gibson, in a compulsory company car share scheme (try saying that quickly). Their relationship develops over time and the series is full of the bitter-sweet, subtle references to past times and the supposedly good old days of the eighties and nineties.

According to the Guardian review, the programme is a new take on similar, confined and claustrophobic shows such as Marion and Geoff featuring Rob Brydon as a taxi driver facing a mid-life crisis. The Telegraph draws attention to the detail - Peter Kay commissioned an entire radio station with DJs, weather and bygone hits purely to create the ambiance he wanted. The nostalgia he created has caught on. Here at forward2me we have seen sales of 'Now' CDs rise and we're shipping red, love heart lamps like the one used in the show.

Something about Peter Kay's style brings out the romantic in people and triggers kindness. Are you thinking of buying a gift for a loved one or someone you are 'courting'? Something tacky and nostalgic for a bit of fun? Try this retro sweets hamper from Very or this cassette phone case from Zazzle. Mix tapes were the playlists of the day - I used to spend many an hour making tapes for friends and boyfriends...

Peter Kay's Car Share will hopefully be released as a box set soon - keep an eye on Amazon. Are you up-to-date with all the UK sitcoms? There have been some classics in the last few years. If you like Pater Kay, you'll probably like Victoria Wood's 'Dinner Ladies', the very poignant 'Early Doors' or the un-missable  'Royle Family'.

But what about the car? The car is the star in 'Car Share'. Fiat memorabilia and car accessories are something we ship regularly using our door-to-door tracked delivery service. If you're interested in retro car accessories, take a look at Halfords or at Graysparts for Fiat-related items. Do you remember fluffy dice or furry seat covers? Those beaded seat covers were also cool back in the day (which is what they were for - a cool back...aargh, sorry). Stick-on car accessories such as clocks and compasses, nodding dogs...all retro, tacky and probably about to become cool again thanks to the lovely Peter Kay!