Personal shopper by forward2me, at your service...

Personal shopping with forward2me is an expat’s dream come true. Despite smart parcel forwarding services like, over-zealous security systems often lock out foreign residents whose registered billing address and UK delivery address don’t match.

If you shop at Uniqlo, Zalando, Harvey Nichols, Hobbs or Viyella, you’ve no doubt experienced this frustration. Now, thanks to our personal shoppers, you need never miss out on those coveted items.

How it works - our 360° service

First you...

1. Log in to your personal account at or register with us.

2. Upload your shopping list (with preferred suppliers if appropriate).

Then we...

1. Order and pay for your purchases using our UK parcel forwarding address and a UK credit card.

2. Receive the goods at our UK parcel forwarding depot.

3. Deliver your purchases to you wherever you are in the world, using our fast, secure international shipping service.

By permanent appointment...

Unlike other personal shoppers, no matter how prestigious, personal shopping with forward2me is always available online. We offer a truly bespoke service, completing and shipping your chosen purchases quickly and effectively without pushing additional sales.

Let us go those extra miles so you don’t have to.