Pedal Power for Greece

Maybe they’re inspired by the heroics of the London 2012 cyclists – Greece is the home of the Olympics, after all – or perhaps in difficult economic times they just appreciate bikes as a cheap mode of travel. Whatever the reason, our Greek customers seem to have gone cycling mad.

Over the last month, here at forward2me we’ve seen large numbers of bikes coming into our depot, many of them bound for Greece. All sorts of cycles have been going through here, from your regular two-wheeler to the latest power-assisted machine.

One Greek customer had several sent in one shipment. As you can imagine, that makes for quite a large ‘package’, although fortunately they can be transported by our European road service which helps to minimise shipping costs.

Here in the UK, we’ve all suddenly become armchair cycling enthusiasts thanks to the Olympic medal successes of our Team GB riders. Not sure how many will actually take to the saddle, though: we have a sneaking suspicion that Greece’s weather is better suited to cycling than ours!