Parcel Delivery across European borders ‘too high’, says report

Delivery charges to send parcels across borders within Europe have become too expensive for small retailers, according to a report by FTI Consultancy.

Forward2me has learned of a report by FTI Consultancy, criticising a ‘two-tier’ cross-border delivery cost which is restricting European e-commerce and forcing small to medium internet retailers to change the way they do business.

Sending parcels from one European country to another was found to cost twice as much as a domestic delivery, meaning smaller retailers would be less willing make cross-border deliveries than bigger companies like Amazon.

In a statement by FTI, it was estimated that smaller retailers send between 500 to 1,200 parcels a year compared to bigger retailers, which send approximately 25,000 and 62,000 a year.

In light of these statistics, FTI says: “small retailers are disadvantaged: they may not be able to pass on high cross-border prices to their customers, because e-commerce markets are competitive.

“This lowers their market participation, and has a negative impact on the growth of cross-border e-commerce.”

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