On yer bike with forward2me

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Cycling season is upon us. It's time to dust off that lycra and dig the bike out from the shed. Oh dear, it really has seen better days (and that's just the shed...). If your bike really is past it, why not have a look at some of ...

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Forward fashion with forward2me

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Whether you're springing into summer or falling into winter, it's a new fashion season. Time to put those tired clothes away and dig out something new and fresh... If, like me, you have gone to the place where your new season clothes are meant to be and discovered ...

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Consolidation is calling…

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Consolidation is a service we provide which our customers can’t get enough of, if you’ve never tried it here are some benefits you can take advantage of consolidating with forward2me.   Cost Effective – save on shipping fees by combining all your parcels together. Only £6 for parcels 2- ...

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Kids Fashion with forward2me

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Spring has sprung and no doubt your little darlings have grown another six inches since you last looked, and so it's time to check out the latest kid's fashion. Here at forward2me, we've noticed a lot of kid's fashion items shipping their way to new homes. ...

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'Going for Gold' at forward2me

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At forward2me we strive to always do our very best for our customers. That could be anything from repacking a parcel to reduce shipping costs, arranging a return when the incorrect item has been delivered, ordering some bespoke converse shoes for the bride and groom or driving to the nearest ...

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