Ph-abulous Phablet - the Xiaomi Redmi Note

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You might not have heard of Xiaomi...yet. The Gadget Show says the company is set to become China's Apple equivalent. It produces high-spec, low-cost smart phones and tablets, as well as phablets (another new word for me this morning). The Xiaomi Redmi Note is their latest ...

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5 Stars All-round, The HTC One M8

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April has brought us the exciting release of the second instalment of the HTC One, the M8. The HTC One M8  has shot to the top of everyone’s shopping list and has 5 star ratings all-round from, expert reviews and techradar! In addition 95% of ...

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Spring Spectacular

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Spring has Sprung... What does spring mean to you? Here at forward2me, we've noticed our sap rising and an urge to be outdoors... Spring for many of us means camping, gardening and being sporty (but not all at the same time). It's amazing what a little bit of ...

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Built for the future at forward2me

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Lego is a universal design classic. Did you know that on average, every person on earth owns 86 Lego bricks? The number of Lego bricks sold in 2012 is enough to circle the globe 18 times. Currently it feels as though they are all in my living room! Lego was ...

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Grab an Online Bargain with forward2me

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The January sales are long gone but you can still grab an online bargain with forward2me! As the seasons are changing, maybe it's time to check out some new fashions or treat yourself to something special that won't break the bank? We've had a look at some ...

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